Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sep 29 I Love NY

So for this week it was a little bit of a crazy week but I absolutely love it here. New York is truly beautiful and there are so many opportunities to share the gospel!! there are like no members here and if they are members they are not active at all So we share the ward with 2 other sets of missionaries and our area alone is about a 30 mile radius of city no joke and the ward is super tiny its like completely opposite of the west! totally different ball game out here but I love it!! There are a ton of black people and oh my gosh I love them they are just the best and have the strongest personalities ever! This week we had zone conference and that was simply incredible we learned about the power of teaching online discussions so that was exciting and then we learned about faith and the importance of never letting our faith waiver!! also he talked about we are like a bouncy ball when we fall we need to bounce back up and usually a bouncy ball will bounce higher up the harder it is thrown down and how important it is to look up and how we have to look up in order to catch the ball etc it was awesome other things that happened this week were we got a baptismal date set for tyler williams on Oct 25 so we will see how that goes! also we met some amazing potentials but we have a rule that they have to be taught 2 times before they are an investigator so yeah but we met this black lady named barbara and she was onry and we asked her what was wrong and she said she was waiting for her maintanence guy and she was in a hurry and so we asked what was wrong and she explained a flipped multi breaker so I went in and flipped the breaker and she was so happy she started freaking out and gave us a rootbeer and asked us to come back and see her and that she loved us it was awesome at how quickly her day could be turned around at just the simplest act of kindness also you all need to watch the new mormon message about the mom that doesnt get anything done (mom when you feel like you didnt get anything done in the day just remember how many lives you blessed that day and you didnt even know it) and then we met a few less actives in the nursing home and they are just the sweetest ladies ever and then we met 2 black kids and they pretty much asked us on dates but we said we couldnt because we were missionaries but that they said that they would come to church and let us talk to them about Christ anyway so that was a rather fun moment! this mission is always throwing curve balls at you but they asked us what our street names were like what our government names were and we were just laughing super super hard lol!!! we told them we go by sister haha so they put us in their phone as sista sista lol!!! anyway so that was a funny moment in my studies this week I read 1 john 4:7-9 and it talks about how God is love and I realized literally everything revolves around love our relationships the gospel everything revolves around love and the importance of us loving everyone we come in contact with and that there are 2 types of love 1) I love someone because... 2) I love someone despite.... it is important for us to love others despite their imperfections!!! So yeah all in all that is about the gist of my week hopefully we will get a little more organized and be able to pick up the work a little better here so yeah! anyway I love you all!!! have an amazing week 
Sister Hamilton

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