Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nov 17 Hamilton in Hamilton

So this week was one of the best weeks of my mission! While it was the best I definitely had struggles as well!!! :) The beginning of my week was fantastic full of lessons and all sorts of good stuff then on Wednesday I got to go on exchanges to Hamilton (yes its a town) and I was with Sister Wood and Sister McCormies and it was the best time of my life!!! They are probably the coolest sisters ever and we just had loads of fun!! The first day all the appointments fell through and I told them Heavenly Father was just teaching us a little bit of patience and endurance, but the day was still a lot of fun. In the mission right now member missionary work is being stressed a lot and so that night we worked with a lot members and just got in their homes and got to know them and shared a lesson with them, and it was a lot of fun! Then Thursday we had a lot of great appointments and we had a meeting and that was amazing and it was just a really good day. Well the mindset for exchanges is that we are supposed to show the sisters that miracles can happen and to have faith in their areas.... well I praying for miracles! The theme of the exchange was members and missionaries (imagine that) well then Friday during weekly planning we texted a couple of the members and with in 30 mins we had 3 people say they would come out with us at different times during the following week, one of which was a member they had been trying to get for a while now and she finally said she would..... MIRACLES! Then later that day we went and visted a less active family and shared a message with them and then at the end asked if they would come to church this week and they said.... YES!!!! for the first time in over 3 1/2 months that they had even said yes.... Well yes's dont mean a whole lot out here cause everyone backs out of everything well on sunday the sisters called me and that family CAME TO CHURCH!!!! So we did see miracles and it was such a blessing.... and not only did we see a lot of success we had a ton of fun in the process we had a snowball fight and we went and got hot chocolate and we placed a book of Mormon. I just want you all to know the church is true! I wouldnt be out here if it wasnt!! Lately we have had an investigator ask us a lot about our living prophet and thinks that we dont need one... well over exchanges Heavenly Father softened him and when we met with him again he told us that all his reservations had been cleared and that he thinks Mormonism is for him... He still wants to do a lot more research (he is just that way) but he is now praying for a baptismal date... we are hoping December 6th before transfers!! But anyway the reason I did not email yesterday is because we had the chance to meet with Elder Kacher of the Quorum of the Seventy and that was so incredible it was an amazing training and I simply loved it all!! He said that we are made to be weak and simple... Why? Because then we can be humble and depend on the atonement... Learn how to turn to the Savior! That was my favorite thing he said! There was so much more though but at the end during testimony meeting an elder that has only been out 2 weeks said "We are not here to fail, but we are not supposed to perfect, and we wont be! But He will make up the rest. Our investigators aren't here to fail either, you have the sacred opportunity to help them succeed. We think our lives are hard.... they aren't when you think of what the Savior went through. He wouldnt have gone through that if we weren't worth it. You are worth it, they are worth it, everyone is worth it. You are here to SUCCEED!" Elder Bench! Now go and succeed because you were not sent here to fail! and remember "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get, what you've always got."- Elder Bednar 
I love you all! and I know this church is true with all my heart. I know we indeed have a living prophet and he is necessary! I love this gospel it blesses my life everyday. I have a huge testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, its teachings are priceless! We have been blessed to live in such glorious days and we have the tools to help our brothers and sisters around us make it back to their Father in Heaven. Heavenly Father loves all of us and he wants us home with Him. So keep trying and when you fall, get back up dust yourself off and use the atonement "You dont need to be your own savior" -Sister Wood. Christ atoned for us, not just for our sins but for our sorrows, our pains, everything you go through he has felt.... find refuge in the arms of your Savior! I love you all have an amazing week and remember to always pray Heavenly Father wants to hear from his children!
Love Sister Hamilton
Oops update on those we have been teaching:
Sarrita is doing amazing still coming to church most the time and progressing really well she is praying about a baptism date
Adam also is doing amazing and praying about a baptismal date YAY!
Lisa and mom (susan) they have been UBER busy and we have been gone so we havent met with them in a while so no progress really
Kim - the amazing one well yeah we kept trying to see her and she txted and said she didnt want us to see her anymore... :( no bueno 
Angie also said she didnt want to meet with us so that was a bummer :/ she just needs more time is all 
and I think that is all LOVE and MISS you ALL!!!!!!

All the Sisters from exchanges this week

Utica my hometown, Mitchell family we love them, snow in Hamilton, Me on exchanges with Sisters from Hamilton, they are the BEST!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3 Transfers week

Oct 27 Life of a Model

Me, Sister Barley, Sister Gass
Me in beautiful NY
Me being crazy with the glasses 

Well Familia and Friends,
How are you all? I am doing fantastic.... better than fantastic!!! I love everything about my mission and serving! There are trials and miracles and by the time the miracles are over you dont even know you had trials, its pretty much the greatest thing ever! So to start off we FINALLY were able to get into the home of a family we've been trying to tract out forever ago, and they are SO ready, it was a miracle it really was! So we talked with the mom (Lisa) and grandma for a bit and they said we could come back. We were stoked, so we walk out and sister Barley says "We'll see ya later" to the 12 year old son Raymond and he in reply says "Yeah we'll see ya in the magazines" then this black girl (his friend) says "wait ya'll are models?" hahahahahha Sister barley states "No we are missionaries" and the girls says "Well y'all are dun gorgeous" It was one of the funniest moments ever. We laughed super hard!!! It's a pretty great life as a missionary and a pretty interesting one as well haha!! We will be teaching Lisa again tonight and she is very interested and we are super excited about that! 

We have been THOROUGHLY going through our area book and by then end of this transfer it is our goal to contact every person in our area book ,its gonna take awhile but I am stoked about it! So this leads me to transfers, they will be this wednesday and.... I WILL BE STAYING IN NEW HARTFORD WITH SISTER BARLEY!!! YAY I am so excited and so relieved lol! I am just getting to know the people here and love them and I am not ready to leave yet so I will be here for another 6 weeks. I CANT believe it is already transfers, time has FLOWN by!! I have come to realize that the more consecrated you are the less you think about time. I call this my concept of time.... Because we are out here fully devoted to the Lord it is easy for us to lose track of time and then suddenly an entire transfer is gone and you are wondering where the time went I love it!! 

Something else major this week was return and report which is just with the people I came out to the field with, it is a special training for us and it was SOOO fun to see all my MTC buddies again they are so awesome.  I missed them all so much!! So I wanted to share some quotes I got from that training.... "Feel your life with so much food that there is no room for evil to be there" -Elder Empey
Make working hard a habit!
"Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard" -Kevin Durant
"If you tempt temptation then you will probably succumb to it" -President Wirthlin 
"What measures your success as a missionary is how you raise your family" -President Wirthlin
I loved the training it was truly inspirational!! Everything about serving a mission is amazing. It teaches me things I would never learn anywhere else! 

One thing I have been working really hard on is love.... I watched the Because of Him video and it made me want to be more like Christ... I am literally His representative, I wear His name everyday, I act in His name everyday, I am supposed to be as He was.... I want to be the type of person the people run to, and fall into my arms without knowing me and know that they will be loved. That is something I feel like I am struggling with is showing my love to people that I really care about and like. President Wirthlin says "if nothing else on your mission, become converted yourself". President is all about finding the one and converting the one even if that one is you! I want others to know I care I want to love as Christ loved and I want to act as if Christ was sitting in the passenger seat of my car at all times! Well, I think that is all for the week many miracles everyday!! I love you all thank you for your support and encouragement!
Remember "I told you it would be okay, I told you it would be alright" -Holland

Love Sister Hamilton

Oct 20 Miracles Really Do Happen

So wow this week was incredible!! So to begin, on Monday night we taught a girl named Serrita. She is 21 and dating a guy in our ward and she is stoked about the gospel and probably the happiest most bubbly person I have ever met. We committed her to baptism and she is praying about a date she is seriously the greatest though and she has already been to church .(Thats where we met her way to go Chris) and she loved it so yay!!! And yeah pretty much she is just top notch!!! 

Then on Tuesday nothing too exciting happened but we got the door slammed a couple times and just really wasn't a successful day so then wednesday we weren't having the best day again and I said to Sister Barley I know that we aren't supposed to get discouraged but doing missionary work does not make that easy and then.... Heavenly Father sent a miracle our way. Sister Barley wasn't feeling good (sick) but she also felt "trapped".  I suggested that maybe we should just go home and get medicine and she was like but that's more miles and then we both decided we needed to go get medicine. Well after grabbing the medicine, I walked out and was talking to our neighbor Mark as Sis Barley played in the leaves for a couple minutes. Then our neighbor Kim, who we had never met walked out, she asked us about being missionaries and what we believed etc. Then she said she had something to help Sis Barley in the apartment so we went up and she told us how for years she has felt like she has been missing something in her life. She has ran in some huge races and bought a dog etc to try and figure out what she was missing she told us she didn't like her religion (catholics) cause she thought they were hypocrites and then she talked about how happy we were and how much fun we had and she said "I want what you have" and yeah holy cow this never happens moment!! So we taught her the restoration and she is scheduled to be baptized Dec. 6. I am so excited, it was  such a blessing!! She is so amazing and SOOOO prepared Heavenly Father is amazing in the way he works through us!! So yeah that was way way exciting then we went on exchanges this week and that was super fun! 

Saturday we went to a funeral for the grand daughter of a lady in our ward she died at 15 with cancer, they thought she had beat it but it came back all over and a year after celebrating her cancer free party we were at her funeral. Sister Barley had to sing for it, it was super sad then we had stake conference which was AWESOME.  So many amazing quotes which I just happened to leave at the apartment sorry. At stake conference we had a lady bring  her sister who needs us and so she came to stake conference. Her name is Angie and she is awesome so miracle #3.  I couldn't ask for more, so even though there were hard times this week I can't even remember them, so I hope you are all having an excellent week and remember that the Lord smiles upon each of us differently!!! Stay strong!! I love you!

Love Sister Hamilton

My quilt I made from High School t-shirts.

Just me again in Utica and a sunset in NY


Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 13 Fear Not

Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct 6 Conference yay!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sep 29 I Love NY

So for this week it was a little bit of a crazy week but I absolutely love it here. New York is truly beautiful and there are so many opportunities to share the gospel!! there are like no members here and if they are members they are not active at all So we share the ward with 2 other sets of missionaries and our area alone is about a 30 mile radius of city no joke and the ward is super tiny its like completely opposite of the west! totally different ball game out here but I love it!! There are a ton of black people and oh my gosh I love them they are just the best and have the strongest personalities ever! This week we had zone conference and that was simply incredible we learned about the power of teaching online discussions so that was exciting and then we learned about faith and the importance of never letting our faith waiver!! also he talked about we are like a bouncy ball when we fall we need to bounce back up and usually a bouncy ball will bounce higher up the harder it is thrown down and how important it is to look up and how we have to look up in order to catch the ball etc it was awesome other things that happened this week were we got a baptismal date set for tyler williams on Oct 25 so we will see how that goes! also we met some amazing potentials but we have a rule that they have to be taught 2 times before they are an investigator so yeah but we met this black lady named barbara and she was onry and we asked her what was wrong and she said she was waiting for her maintanence guy and she was in a hurry and so we asked what was wrong and she explained a flipped multi breaker so I went in and flipped the breaker and she was so happy she started freaking out and gave us a rootbeer and asked us to come back and see her and that she loved us it was awesome at how quickly her day could be turned around at just the simplest act of kindness also you all need to watch the new mormon message about the mom that doesnt get anything done (mom when you feel like you didnt get anything done in the day just remember how many lives you blessed that day and you didnt even know it) and then we met a few less actives in the nursing home and they are just the sweetest ladies ever and then we met 2 black kids and they pretty much asked us on dates but we said we couldnt because we were missionaries but that they said that they would come to church and let us talk to them about Christ anyway so that was a rather fun moment! this mission is always throwing curve balls at you but they asked us what our street names were like what our government names were and we were just laughing super super hard lol!!! we told them we go by sister haha so they put us in their phone as sista sista lol!!! anyway so that was a funny moment in my studies this week I read 1 john 4:7-9 and it talks about how God is love and I realized literally everything revolves around love our relationships the gospel everything revolves around love and the importance of us loving everyone we come in contact with and that there are 2 types of love 1) I love someone because... 2) I love someone despite.... it is important for us to love others despite their imperfections!!! So yeah all in all that is about the gist of my week hopefully we will get a little more organized and be able to pick up the work a little better here so yeah! anyway I love you all!!! have an amazing week 
Sister Hamilton

Monday, September 22, 2014

Utica New York Week 1, Sep 22

She's in NY Sep 16

Dear Brother and Sister Hamilton,

Your daughter has safely arrived in the New York Utica Mission.  She had a full day of training yesterday, was assigned a wonderful companion and arrived in her first area this evening.  She will e-mail you Monday, that is their preparation day.  President and Sister Wirthlin are wonderful and will take very good care of your daughter.  We look forward to her service in the New York Utica Mission.

Thank you for all your love and support.

Sister Miskin
New York Utica Mission Office

MTC Week 1 Sep 9, 2014

 Hello everybody,

 The MTC is truly an amazing place there is no place like it I believe the spirit is so strong always!!! So to begin, I know the big question is my companion?! I love her, we have our differences that's for sure but she is an amazing young lady her name is sister Mayer and she is 22 she is a convert of 2 years and she lived a pretty worldly life in Las Vegas. I love her though she struggles cause she doesn't feel like she knows the gospel as well as everyone else but her testimony is way strong. Of course the first lesson Heavenly Father would teach me is patience right?! Of course lol anyway she got lapband surgery and went from a size 48 to 18  and lost 225 lbs. crazy yeah so for our meals she takes like 45-60 mins to eat and we are usually only given 30 so we are ALWAYS late to classes which is extremely hard for me because I hate being late!!!! But she has a doctors note so its all good I guess.,... patience is definitely something I am trying to work on though also there are only 2 other girls in my district and room and they are AMAZING I absolutely love them one is from Alaska and we get along amazing also my district and zone are awesome we are all super close the elders are all amazing but there are like 2 in the whole zone older than 18 I feel like they are such babies they look so young haha!!! So to what I am doing here.... um the first day was a blur i hardly remember anything they throw you right into the discussions and everything way fast and it is VERY overwhelming at first!!! um the next couple days were WAY LONG they drug on forever I think it was just hard getting used to being awake that long and sitting in class for that long we literally sit in class for 4 hours at a time!! I have learned soooo much  being here though it is crazy and I learned that with companions you have to learn to talk out your differences and FAST because they literally never ever ever leave your side!! As far as homesickness goes I don't really have time to be homesick but every morning when I wake up i get a little homesick and then i get to district study in the morning and get into the schedule and forget all about my other life but I definitely miss you all!!  I have absolutely 0 down time so no time to write letters. When it is p-day I will work on that more for sure I love you all always remember that. Madi i heard you liked your flower- good thats what I was hoping sorry it made you cry (kinda) ;) so Sunday's here are probably the most amazing thing and after the first couple days time starts to fly so Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting then we went to something called mission conference which was literally just as amazing as general conference I loved it then we had devotional and the guy was amazing and taught us a lot about to better reach our investigators THEN we had film and we watched a talk by elder bednar called the Character of Christ (don't bother looking it up it is only available in the mtc although i think that is dumb and that everyone should be allowed to read or hear it) it is probably the most amazing talk I have ever heard in my entire life it literally changed my life forever!!! The character of Christ means to turn out when we would turn in!!! He talks about how in Christ's hardest times he helped others instead of himself while he was on the cross he first asked to have his mother taken care of and to bless his enemies for they knew not what they had done! he told a story about a mother who had lost her daughter and in the moment she found out her daughter was dead (from a car accident with 2 other girls) that she told elder bednar that they needed to notify the other mothers that their daughters were on the way to the hospital and then the day of her daughters funeral (she was a relief society president) she had a lady call and was mad because she was way sick and hadn't had a meal brought so right before her daughters funeral she cooked a meal and dropped it off on the way to the funeral! That is the character of Christ. we need to turn out to others when we normally would turn in to ourselves so that is my life long goal to eventually achieve the character of Christ which I know will be the hardest thing I have ever done and will take the longest!! Also do not expect an email next week I fly out Tuesday morning and am leaving the MTC at 3:30 so no pday for me:( also mom and dad I have more info on that i will email you separately!! I want you all to know that I know this church is true I believe it with all my heart!!! I am almost out of time so I will talk to you all at a later date but wow the spirit is there I have felt it in the lessons I have been teaching always remember to pray the greatest thing we can develop is a strong relationship with heavenly father much love
> Sister Hamilton

Austin Atkinson found the talk, here's the link:  http://www2.byui.edu/presentations/transcripts/religionsymposium/2003_01_25_Bednar.htm

 MTC companion Sister Mayer

MTC District

MTC Sept 5, 2014

Hey our branch president gave us a little bit of time today to email our families and let them know I made it safe and sound and that all is well!!!! I love you all with all my heart and I definitely miss you all I have very little time at all during the day to think about missing you but in the morning when I am getting ready is the worst it is very hard for me for some reason but I am surviving and loving it here I can sort of tell now exactly how hard the actual mission will be and I am a little nervous but very excited I love my companion she is amazing and my roommates are equally amazing!!!! My p-day is tuesday YAY!!! so I will talk to you then!!! Thank you for the letters I loved them!!! Tannon if you wrote me one I cant find it so which suit case did you hide it in??? I miss you all a lot and I truly cant wait to get pictures and emails soon I love you talk to you more on p-day dont worry about me I am fine and doing the Lord's work you guys stay strong and no regrets!!!! I love you
Love Sister Hamilton

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mission Call :)

June 5, 2014
Dear Sister Hamilton:
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the New York Utica Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 18 months. You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, September 3, 2014. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the English language. I am so excited to be able to share my testimony and the gospel with the amazing people of New York!! I love you all and I will see you 18 :)