Monday, September 22, 2014

MTC Sept 5, 2014

Hey our branch president gave us a little bit of time today to email our families and let them know I made it safe and sound and that all is well!!!! I love you all with all my heart and I definitely miss you all I have very little time at all during the day to think about missing you but in the morning when I am getting ready is the worst it is very hard for me for some reason but I am surviving and loving it here I can sort of tell now exactly how hard the actual mission will be and I am a little nervous but very excited I love my companion she is amazing and my roommates are equally amazing!!!! My p-day is tuesday YAY!!! so I will talk to you then!!! Thank you for the letters I loved them!!! Tannon if you wrote me one I cant find it so which suit case did you hide it in??? I miss you all a lot and I truly cant wait to get pictures and emails soon I love you talk to you more on p-day dont worry about me I am fine and doing the Lord's work you guys stay strong and no regrets!!!! I love you
Love Sister Hamilton

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