Monday, September 22, 2014

MTC Week 1 Sep 9, 2014

 Hello everybody,

 The MTC is truly an amazing place there is no place like it I believe the spirit is so strong always!!! So to begin, I know the big question is my companion?! I love her, we have our differences that's for sure but she is an amazing young lady her name is sister Mayer and she is 22 she is a convert of 2 years and she lived a pretty worldly life in Las Vegas. I love her though she struggles cause she doesn't feel like she knows the gospel as well as everyone else but her testimony is way strong. Of course the first lesson Heavenly Father would teach me is patience right?! Of course lol anyway she got lapband surgery and went from a size 48 to 18  and lost 225 lbs. crazy yeah so for our meals she takes like 45-60 mins to eat and we are usually only given 30 so we are ALWAYS late to classes which is extremely hard for me because I hate being late!!!! But she has a doctors note so its all good I guess.,... patience is definitely something I am trying to work on though also there are only 2 other girls in my district and room and they are AMAZING I absolutely love them one is from Alaska and we get along amazing also my district and zone are awesome we are all super close the elders are all amazing but there are like 2 in the whole zone older than 18 I feel like they are such babies they look so young haha!!! So to what I am doing here.... um the first day was a blur i hardly remember anything they throw you right into the discussions and everything way fast and it is VERY overwhelming at first!!! um the next couple days were WAY LONG they drug on forever I think it was just hard getting used to being awake that long and sitting in class for that long we literally sit in class for 4 hours at a time!! I have learned soooo much  being here though it is crazy and I learned that with companions you have to learn to talk out your differences and FAST because they literally never ever ever leave your side!! As far as homesickness goes I don't really have time to be homesick but every morning when I wake up i get a little homesick and then i get to district study in the morning and get into the schedule and forget all about my other life but I definitely miss you all!!  I have absolutely 0 down time so no time to write letters. When it is p-day I will work on that more for sure I love you all always remember that. Madi i heard you liked your flower- good thats what I was hoping sorry it made you cry (kinda) ;) so Sunday's here are probably the most amazing thing and after the first couple days time starts to fly so Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting then we went to something called mission conference which was literally just as amazing as general conference I loved it then we had devotional and the guy was amazing and taught us a lot about to better reach our investigators THEN we had film and we watched a talk by elder bednar called the Character of Christ (don't bother looking it up it is only available in the mtc although i think that is dumb and that everyone should be allowed to read or hear it) it is probably the most amazing talk I have ever heard in my entire life it literally changed my life forever!!! The character of Christ means to turn out when we would turn in!!! He talks about how in Christ's hardest times he helped others instead of himself while he was on the cross he first asked to have his mother taken care of and to bless his enemies for they knew not what they had done! he told a story about a mother who had lost her daughter and in the moment she found out her daughter was dead (from a car accident with 2 other girls) that she told elder bednar that they needed to notify the other mothers that their daughters were on the way to the hospital and then the day of her daughters funeral (she was a relief society president) she had a lady call and was mad because she was way sick and hadn't had a meal brought so right before her daughters funeral she cooked a meal and dropped it off on the way to the funeral! That is the character of Christ. we need to turn out to others when we normally would turn in to ourselves so that is my life long goal to eventually achieve the character of Christ which I know will be the hardest thing I have ever done and will take the longest!! Also do not expect an email next week I fly out Tuesday morning and am leaving the MTC at 3:30 so no pday for me:( also mom and dad I have more info on that i will email you separately!! I want you all to know that I know this church is true I believe it with all my heart!!! I am almost out of time so I will talk to you all at a later date but wow the spirit is there I have felt it in the lessons I have been teaching always remember to pray the greatest thing we can develop is a strong relationship with heavenly father much love
> Sister Hamilton

Austin Atkinson found the talk, here's the link:

 MTC companion Sister Mayer

MTC District

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