Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19 Transfer Calls

Well folks we got transfer calls this week and it looks like.... Sister Fiefia is leaving!!! She is going to Glenville and re-opening an area that has been closed for 1 transfer and she is training!! I am so excited for her, but we are pretty sad she is leaving!! Also as far as I go.... I will be taking over the Carthage area and...... Training!! I will be staying a sister training leader and oh yeah did I mention that I will be getting a brand new subaru (I am pretty excited about that) but overall I am very nervous and a little bit stressed!! I am super excited though I get to go pick up my little newbie on wednesday FOP (fresh off the plane) I have no idea who she is so I will give you all the good details next week!! I just have to remember to trust in the Lord and he will give me the strength that I need! As far as this week goes... It was an amazing week!! WE FINALLY SET A BAPTISMAL DATE!!! Yay!!! it is for a 12 year old girl and we are planning for February 28th so hopefully that ends up working out!!! Her little brother who is 9 will probably be getting baptized as well!!! We also met this awesome young couple I was backing sister Fiefia up (standing behind the car so she doesn't hit anything its a required thing) and this guy yelled hello sister! I casually said Hello back and then I realized what had just happened... people don't do that in New York .... They don't know who "sisters" are so I walked over and started talking to him and he and his wife got married 1 year ago and they have a 6 week old baby! He has been inactive for 8 years and she has been inactive for about 2! They are seriously amazing though I love them! and... THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!! such a miracle!! also this SUPER less active family that we have been visiting faithfully the entire time I have been here randomly (very randomly) showed up to church!!! MY JAW DROPPED .... not an exaggeration!!! So we saw so many miracles this week!! I was also able to train at our Zone Training Meeting on the power of the spirit in conversion and that was way sweet! Naturally as always I was super nervous but it went really well!! Then after that meeting we had our interviews with President and he asked me if I would train so since wednesday I have been super stressed and freaking out but I am finally starting to calm down a little but I just honestly don't feel like I know how to be a missionary yet! but we will see!! also this week we had lunch with a couple of our investigators their names are the Tyners they are like eternal investigators that we just picked up!! They have been seeing missionaries off and on for like 9 or so years and He has read the entire book of mormon 2 times and really there shouldn't be anything holding him back he just always says I was born a methodist I have lived a methodist and I will die a methodist... hahaha little does he know!!! they are very prepared though and in my opinion super ready now so hopefully we will be able to see some progress with them!!  I love them so much though they are in the mid to later 70's!!! but yeah I think that was about how my week went!!! lots of fun!! Lots of miracles!! and non stop spiritual experiences!! It truly doesn't get better than this!! :) I love you all!! Stay strong!! and remember that Heavenly Father always has His hand stretched out towards you.... its your choice whether or not you grab on and let Him help and guide you!!!
Keep the Faith!!
Love Sister Hamilton :)

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