Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jan 26 First week training

This week was amazing full of lots of frustrations and absolutely nothing going right! :) So for district meeting this up coming week we were asked to take a Christlike attribute quiz thing and the portion we scored the lowest on to pray for that and then study it.... DONT PRAY FOR PATIENCE!!!! But seriously I prayed for patience this week and LITERALLY everything went wrong!! Including our brand new car breaking down....yeah so every appointment fell through, no one came to church, our service project lasted all day so we didn't get to teach, our preparation day was taken up by fixing the car it was just a whole lot of craziness.  I felt so bad for my companion because this was like the most abnormal week of missionary work I've ever had haha!! However, I am as happy as can be literally one of the greatest weeks of my mission!!! So my new Trainee I know you are all dying to know about her, is 5' 9" and she is from green River UT and so small town... super small town! She loves sports and the outdoors and hates to shop!! She is like one of my best friends and I am pretty sure we knew each other in the pre-existence because she looks SOOO familiar but I have no idea why!! She kind of ish in a weird way looks like me and we never stop laughing!!! (I have lucked out when it comes to companions) We absolutely love each other and are already praying we get to stay together next transfer! She hit me in the face with a paper plate cause I wasn't listening to her while I was talking to someone else (it was pretty hilarious). She is amazing and hardly needs any training because she pretty much came pre-trained!! She also had to help me teach gospel principles her 3rd day out, poor girl but she did amazing!!! We are loving Carthage and we are expecting miracles to start happening!!! No crazy snow storms this week!!! and yeah just a lot of goodness! I have seen the spirit working so strongly through our companionship this week. I realized that the only way I was going to have the ability to be good at training her would be to put all my Trust in the Lord and rely on His abilities to train and not my own. As I have done this, we have honestly been able to see the spirit direct us to scriptures we can't even remember reading and to people that truly need us!! The Lord is aware of each of us and knows exactly what we need way before we do!! When we pray for something he answers our prayers!!! I know this gospel is true and I have seen the happiness that it brings to people's lives and I would want nothing more that to see everyone experience this happiness!!! I love my mission especially the hard days because those are the funnest days... I to get to watch Heavenly Father mold me into the person that I can become only with His help!!! I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!! 
Love Sister Hamilton
.....From the artic!!!! jk

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